Milisavljević Winery
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Almost all the old coats of arms of the settlements on the Telečka plateau (Kula, Crvenka, Sivac, Lipar…) had grape vines, grapes and wine cellars in some way included on it, which unequivocally indicates that since the time of Empress Maria Theresa the loess land of the Telečka plateau proved to be more than suitable for grape and wine production. Milisavljević Winery in its cellars in Lipar on the Telečka plateau decided to renew the wine tradition of the “Telečka plateau” in 2008 and produce wine using technology from the time of Maria Theresa, taking into consideration, of course, all the necessary conditions of modern technology of wine production.

At the entrance to the village of Lipar, the Milisavljević winery has raised the highest quality grape varieties on its own land of 12.5 hectares, which is located right next to the village, because grapes and wine are adored by society.

In the production of wine, the Milisavljević winery has decided to produce top quality wines, so in that sense, the production of grapes per vine is limited to a maximum of 1.2 kg. It is important to emphasize that all wines from the Milisavljević cellars are of protected geographical origin. Already at the first wine festivals, wines from the Milisavljević cellars won gold medals, and Chardonnay also won the Special Award as the best white wine at the festival. Our goal is to produce the best quality wine from “Telečka plateau” in 50,000-60,000 bottles of wine, as many as the Milisavljević cellars can produce per year.

After four years of work in the conditions of the Telečka plateau, the wines from the Milisavljević winery from Lipar confirmed their high quality at the Novi Sad Fair this year. Thus, the wines Žusot and Chardonnay won the gold medal for quality, Merlot won the silver medal and two bronze medals for quality were awarded to Zweigelt and Pinot Noir. A special certificate of the Novi Sad Fair for high quality of evaluated wine was also awarded to Milisavljević Winery.