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Kula, the beautiful town in Vojvodina is located in the center of Bačka, 51 kilometers north of Novi Sad and 135 kilometers from Belgrade, at the intersection of road transportation, railways and waterways in central Bačka. According to the 2011 census, there are 43,162 inhabitants in the municipality of Kula, while 17,973 inhabitants live in Kula itself. Like most other places in Vojvodina, Kula is a multinational environment. Serbs make up about 50 percent of the municipality's population, Montenegrins make up 15 percent...

Why should you visit Kula?

In the area of the settlement Crvenka, which is part of municipality of Kula, there is a complex of about 600 abandoned wine cellars. Today, viticulture is slowly being renewed, so quality wines from the vineyards in Telečka wine regions are available once again. In winery in the village Lipar, you can try some of the best white wines from Telečka wine regions. In Ruski Krstur, the unofficial capital of the Rusyns in Serbia, you are entering the culinary world of distant Transcarpathia. In the national restaurant "Crvena ruža", "kapušćanjka" with cabbage, pies with sweet cheese, strudel with pumpkin and Rusyn steak are made...

Salads and side dishes made with peppers from Ruski Krstur are included and are considered as standard dish.
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