Like all the people of Vojvodina, the Rusyns have too become real gourmands. By coming to this area, they eventually accepted the menu of the locals. However, certain traditional dishes still can be tasted in the kitchens of housewives from Krstur. Some of the traditional dishes are gorhelji – a cake with corn flour and pumpkin, čeregi – a cake of flour, eggs and brandy that is fried in oil, kapuščanjiki – a traditional fasting dish of sourdough and cabbage, bobaljki – an inevitable treat for Christmas (baked balls of dough dipped in fresh water with poppy seeds and honey, beljuši – buns with salted cheese and eggs, coarsely made- strudel with poppy seeds, cheese, cherries, apples, walnuts and also sirec- cheese from eggs and milk, traditional ingredient of the Easter basket, and paska- an Easter bread typicall for this region.